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SinclairStrange's News

Posted by SinclairStrange - August 25th, 2015


I'm so very tired now after this weekend. It took all my strength but I managed to complete my jam entry, the Devil's Daughter.

You can play it 'ere on Newgrounds if you want:

But I hight suggest you download the PC-Windows version as it's miles better, runs smoother and have more visual effects: https://www.dropbox.com/s/guz9labxt4b0kcl/LD33thedevilsdaughter1.2.zip?dl=1

The game was created in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33 with the theme, You are the monster. It was one smeg of a challenge and I'm surprised I actually finished the game on time! (There was one point where I was sure I wasn't going to be able to submit anything!)

I also have a full playthrough footage of the game 'ere if you want to just watch it, or get stuck on a certain level:

Anyway I hope you enjoy, it might not be as polished as it could be but for three days, it's not too shabby. -Joel


Posted by SinclairStrange - April 18th, 2015

So I've been mega busy lately with upcoming Steam releases! I really want to make some more flash games but sadly time isn't on my side at the moment!

ALTHOUGH. I've taken some time out to take part in Ludum Dare! 'Cause yanno, LDjams are awesome. I will be releasing the game on here too! :D

Anyway the theme is Unconventional Weapon, so I've come up with this idea:

That's right, the Super Bro Throwers! 

And 'ere them in action!
They even go splat!

So yeah, hopefully I can pull something silly off! :) Hope everyone else's jam is going well!


Posted by SinclairStrange - February 7th, 2015

Dev Log 1: (Untitled RPG)

Just a quick dev log. The past couple of days have been pretty productive! I'm working on my battle system and it's slowly getting there. I think I'll now take my time to explain how the whole system works. (I think it's slightly different to the norm.)

So with your three characters, you can equip "Skill Orbs" to them. Skill Orbs determines your stats for your character, (HP, SP, Atk, Def, Mag, Agl.) Skill Orbs level up independently, this is instead of the characters leveling up. After each battle you'll be given a small amount "Level Shards" (which increases the level of the Skill Orb.) You can place these Level Shards into Orbs and/or equip Skill Orbs to a character at anytime while not in battle.(Only one Skill Orb can be equipped to a character.)

Each Skill Orb has it's own different growth of stats as well as a set of 4 attacks, that can be unlocked at different levels. (Think Pokemon learning movesets.) So far I have 12 Skill Orbs planned, although I might increase this number slightly. Also your character can do a normal attack that doesn't cost any Skill Points to use. (Equipping different weapons alters the attack.)

Anyway below is an extremely early battle system in progress showing of 3 Skill Orbs and their respected attacks.

(Music by me :3)

(Picture of it in case you can't view video)

So, that's the progress so far. It has a feel of a bunch of RPG's mixed together. (Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Pokemon to name a few.) Considering it's my first ever RPG game and I'm not an expert in the field, it's coming along pretty nicely!


Posted by SinclairStrange - February 5th, 2015

I just thought I'd do a wee little update on here on upcoming projects.

Firstly, I'm soon to release a new flash game called, Saturday Night, Zombie Slaughter Hour. It was one of my first flash games I worked on but I stopped work on it for a "bug" releated reason. Anyway in my quest of finishing off stuff, I thought I'd go back to it and get it finally done. You can see some footage of it below;

Secondly, I'm currently working on my next "big" flash game. I'm doing something completely different for once and that's it being a j(ish)RPG game! I'm very tempted on making a dev log on Newgrounds 'ere for everyone to read through the progress. Although I usually upload all my shiz to my twitter, which is prolly more up to date.

Anyway, it's currently in an early state and I'm just sorting out how exactly the battle system will work. (It's been through a couple of variations at the moment.) I'm pretty close to settling on a pretty cool battle system that levels up the skills instead of the player. 

Like I said, it's my first time attempting anything like this, (or scale) so it's prolly going to be a little different to usual RPG's. The story is also still in early design but it's basically about three children flying on top of their "guardian angels" trying to save the planet from something, yah yah yah. 

You can check a picture down below of the current menu/battle system


And 'ere is some concept art of one of the flying guardians:


Finally, I might have something for Pico Day, although with my extremely hectic schedule, I'm not quite sure now, we'll see!

Hope everyone is well and their stuff is coming along awesomely!


Posted by SinclairStrange - December 8th, 2014

I finally did one! I keep meaning to take part but I never got around to doing it, but not this time. 

So here it is, Hyper Wall:

It's a basic avoid the walls type of game, that was made under the theme of "entire game on one screen". It prolly got a few bugs here and there and after the jam I'll try and iron them out but hopefully it shouldn't be too bad.

With other news, I'm still working on I Want To Be Human. I'm talking to a handful of publishers to see if it's possible for the game to be published. 

You can watch some footage of the game 'ere if you want. 

If I can't get any publishers intrested then it'll be out for early access on Steam come Feburary, if I do, then it'll be out on consoles and steam around September time! :D

Also keep a look out for a Game Boy flash game that I'm uploaded pretty soon, :3
Hope everything is awesome! 


Posted by SinclairStrange - September 6th, 2014

Ah, I'm super sorry I've not been active on this site! It's the problem of having a job and then having game releases/deadlines left-right and center! I promise though by the end of the year I WILL have a new flash game for the super awesome Newground peeps!

But for now, I thought I'll show off why I've been hiding for so long. Firstly I've been working on my Steam game, I Want To Be Human. I've got a video to show off if anyone is interested: 

It's hoping to be released around Halloween time this year! It's prolly going to be a early release but hopefully I might find the time to finish it off completely! Also another reason why I've been so busy is that I've been going around game expos showing off all my little viddy games I make. (Like this one, and all my Newground games!)


Also, I've got an actually game on Steam, called Jet Gunner which you can find here:


(Trailer is also 'ere:)

It's just a small little NES homage that I made in a couple of months and it managed to get Greenlit! Which is pretty awesome :D, although I can't wait for my big guns (IWTBH) to be released for Halloween though as that's where I've put in all my heart and soul in. Anyway, once everything has died down, I promise I'll release a kick ass game for Newgrounds! It's been too long, hope everyone is well and all their projects are going awesome. Anything happened since March when I sort of went into hiding?



Posted by SinclairStrange - May 30th, 2014

Yay, it's finally released, Jet Force is out and ready to play over at Desura! :D. It's a tribute to all the NES games I love and adore. It's a mix between Shatterhand, Contra, Castlevania and aparently Mega Man. 

So if you want to purchase it, you can head over to Desura to buy it. Also at the moment it's on sale!


Also if you want, you can help me out and help Greenlight it over at Steam :D


So with that, I'm uploading a Game Boy version of this game in a couple of weeks time :D So keep a lot out of that.

Final piece of news, I'm entering the Nitrome game jam this 2nd of June, which shall be awesome! Check it out over 'ere! http://www.nitrome.com/jam/

Now it's time to relax over 'ere in sweet California and watch the NATA enteries :D. Till then, hope all is well :D.


Posted by SinclairStrange - May 22nd, 2014

Firstly I'd like to say, yay for coming second in Pico Day! I can't believe I actually won something >.<

So anyway, I thought I'd share my next flash project I'm making for dear ol' Newgrounds called Robo-squeak. It's basically a simple Crash Bandicoot-equse clone, featuring a mouse with a plug as a tail. 


(Level: Warp Room 1)

(The great thing about having a game completion percentage in your game, is that you know how much of the game you've finished designing! :D)

So yeah, I'm just making it to test some code out for my Steam release in October, so I decided to churn out a quick game in the process. It's nothing fancy but hopefully it'll be enjoyable to play. It's also not terribly difficult neither! 


(Level: Down Under)

So instead of smashing crates, you need to collect all the gems in the level. (So there's a handful of Spyro in the game too :D.) If you collect all the gems in the stage, you get rewarded with a Clear Crystal. There's also 5 hidden bonus gems that unlock special portals in some stages. The stages are pretty short, but they do get more difficult as the game goes on. It's going to have 20 levels with 5 boss battles.

So that's basically what's happening in my world. That and preparing to fly to America very very soon. (If only I wasn't scared of planes...)

Till then, keep it purple.


(Is possible to change your username on NG? How would you go about it, if it is?)

Posted by SinclairStrange - May 9th, 2014

So, first of all, I hope people enjoyed Cathode Raybits. Sorry I didn't have much time to go back and fix/iron out the bugs during the week, I got rushed out on a family matter that sadly ment the only internet I had was on my phone. There was so many good submissions I've gutta go back and play them all soon! 

I've got a couple of projects up and coming soon, one for retail and a handful for NG/Flash which will hopefully be awesome. 

So, just a short message really on why I've been away for the past week (ish). Hope everyone is well and keep on gaming :).


Posted by SinclairStrange - April 22nd, 2014

The final handful of days and I've still got one more level to make! (The final one.) I was going to have two of them but due to time not being on my side, it's just going to be a extra long one.

Seriously, if I get this finished on time, I'm going to give myself a medal. I've taken on WAY to much for such short time. (I've been making this non stop for the past three weeks and had to stop my actual work! Been fun though!)

I've still got to finish designing/creating the final level and boss. Make the music. Fit all the levels together and a save feature. Also, need to make menus and perhaps cutscenes if I have time!


But, here's some art for the final level:

(Imagine it flashing from darking orange to black. Stars can be so boring being alone.)

So yeah, wish me luck! Hopefully everything can be pulled off and it'll be alright on the night!

Till then, hope all is well! :)