Old and New Projects :)

2015-02-05 09:21:48 by SinclairStrange

I just thought I'd do a wee little update on here on upcoming projects.

Firstly, I'm soon to release a new flash game called, Saturday Night, Zombie Slaughter Hour. It was one of my first flash games I worked on but I stopped work on it for a "bug" releated reason. Anyway in my quest of finishing off stuff, I thought I'd go back to it and get it finally done. You can see some footage of it below;

Secondly, I'm currently working on my next "big" flash game. I'm doing something completely different for once and that's it being a j(ish)RPG game! I'm very tempted on making a dev log on Newgrounds 'ere for everyone to read through the progress. Although I usually upload all my shiz to my twitter, which is prolly more up to date.

Anyway, it's currently in an early state and I'm just sorting out how exactly the battle system will work. (It's been through a couple of variations at the moment.) I'm pretty close to settling on a pretty cool battle system that levels up the skills instead of the player. 

Like I said, it's my first time attempting anything like this, (or scale) so it's prolly going to be a little different to usual RPG's. The story is also still in early design but it's basically about three children flying on top of their "guardian angels" trying to save the planet from something, yah yah yah. 

You can check a picture down below of the current menu/battle system


And 'ere is some concept art of one of the flying guardians:


Finally, I might have something for Pico Day, although with my extremely hectic schedule, I'm not quite sure now, we'll see!

Hope everyone is well and their stuff is coming along awesomely!



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2015-02-05 11:10:30

As always, luvvin your stuff. Can't wait to see what's next!

SinclairStrange responds:

Aye, hopefully I can get this little RPG out, it's coming along pretty well, just all those numbers and calculations are giving me a slight headache! >.<


2015-02-05 13:10:14

All looks sweeeeeet!

Hmm a quickie Pico RPG...

SinclairStrange responds:

Why thankies! ^_^

I'll see what I can whip up, prolly wont be as big as my last creation though!


2015-02-05 14:19:09

dem pixel graphics tho ♥

SinclairStrange responds:

Thankies, I do love meself some pixels.


2015-02-05 23:23:36

I really like the concept art, almost seems like something out of Borderlands (I'm in love with that game so that's a compliment but feel free to hate me for that comment) ╘[◉﹃◉]╕

SinclairStrange responds:

Haha nawww I like Borderlands so it's a great compliment! :3