Jet Force (Greenlight + Desura Release)

2014-05-30 20:17:56 by SinclairStrange

Yay, it's finally released, Jet Force is out and ready to play over at Desura! :D. It's a tribute to all the NES games I love and adore. It's a mix between Shatterhand, Contra, Castlevania and aparently Mega Man. 

So if you want to purchase it, you can head over to Desura to buy it. Also at the moment it's on sale!

Also if you want, you can help me out and help Greenlight it over at Steam :D

So with that, I'm uploading a Game Boy version of this game in a couple of weeks time :D So keep a lot out of that.

Final piece of news, I'm entering the Nitrome game jam this 2nd of June, which shall be awesome! Check it out over 'ere!

Now it's time to relax over 'ere in sweet California and watch the NATA enteries :D. Till then, hope all is well :D.



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2014-05-30 20:44:14

Are there any plans for a Mac version?

SinclairStrange responds:

Indeed, later down the line once the initial games been Greenlit then yes :).


2014-05-30 22:35:46

What? Desura? Jesus!
Okay, I'll have to buy this ASAP tomorrow.
I love EVERYTHING you do! and would love to financially support your feats!!
We are about to do a live gig over at 4chan right away, so I can't visit Desura or check out your new game until tomorrow perhaps. But from the trailer above - holy hell, I do want. Badly.
Also some kind of collaboration in the future. It's been a dream of mine to do something NES, and all my support goes out to you for Nitrome. Same goes with the rest of the guys from AXN. We love you, man!

SinclairStrange responds:

No worries dude, I'll give ye a free code! :D I've got some to give away and I'd love it if you would take one away from me ^-^. Good luck at ye live gig over at 4chan!


2014-05-31 02:14:32

Currently $1.50 at Desura. I could consume two chocolate bars with that price, and this would last a hell of a lot longer than the candy would.

You're on. ;)