2014-05-09 13:06:15 by SinclairStrange

So, first of all, I hope people enjoyed Cathode Raybits. Sorry I didn't have much time to go back and fix/iron out the bugs during the week, I got rushed out on a family matter that sadly ment the only internet I had was on my phone. There was so many good submissions I've gutta go back and play them all soon! 

I've got a couple of projects up and coming soon, one for retail and a handful for NG/Flash which will hopefully be awesome. 

So, just a short message really on why I've been away for the past week (ish). Hope everyone is well and keep on gaming :).



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2014-05-09 14:51:02

Soooooo, you are working Jet Force, Sole Gunner Mini, I Want to Be Human, Magnet Kid 2, the Game Boy demo of Jet Force, Planet of Oddballs, and possibly Super Room Raider if you start working on that again...


Cathode Raybits was awesome and probably the best Pico Day game I've played, ever. Yes, I mean that every bit. You're amazing.
The character in Jet Force looks like the guy from Alien Splatter, except blue... Can we expect that game to basically be Alien Splatter II? (I hope so, Alien Splatter was great.)
I Want To Be Human is one of the most original ideas I've seen in a while, and it is now tied with Super Chibi Knight for my most anticipated Steam game this year.


SinclairStrange responds:

Jet Force (and it's GB version) is finished :). It's going through it's bug hunting phase. Although the full retail NES version will be up in a couple of weeks, the GB flash version will be out in June/July. This is to hopefully give a continuing flux of people to the Greenlight page for it. Jet Force it pretty much Alien Splatter but with more mid-bosses, general polish and controller support. It's gunna retail at about $1.49 (£0.99) as just a quick, cheap game. The flash version will be free of course but will be very limiting compared to the full version.

I was a bit disappointed in Cathode Raybits, I didn't have enough time in the end for the big project that it was. I'm surprised that it's actually finished though. In a way, it's not too bad for three and a half weeks work.

MK2/Super Room Raider are on hold most likely permanently. I finished like 1/4 of MK2 and 3/4 of Super Room Raider but they're not grabbing my attention in terms of designing them. Never know, later down the line I'll release them. (I've got tons of games that'd I've worked on, prototypes/demos. Some half completed too.)

I Want To Be Human is coming out this year, and it's sort of changed direction. It's not a shoot 'em up now but a Super Mario 64/Banjo Kazooie type game, with guns. It's actually a hybrid of many games, but it'll include worlds to explore and organs as collectible objects. Come to think of it, it's a bit like Jak & Daxter.

Planet of the Oddballs, I will finish that and that's actually one of the projects that should be done this year for flash :). It's one of them as I NEED to finish that.

xD. I enjoy making games, so I'll never stop. If people enjoy them, then that's just even more awesome! :). I'm glad you enjoy them! And thankies for an awesome comment xD!