Dev Log 1: (Untitled RPG)

2015-02-07 15:14:55 by SinclairStrange

Dev Log 1: (Untitled RPG)

Just a quick dev log. The past couple of days have been pretty productive! I'm working on my battle system and it's slowly getting there. I think I'll now take my time to explain how the whole system works. (I think it's slightly different to the norm.)

So with your three characters, you can equip "Skill Orbs" to them. Skill Orbs determines your stats for your character, (HP, SP, Atk, Def, Mag, Agl.) Skill Orbs level up independently, this is instead of the characters leveling up. After each battle you'll be given a small amount "Level Shards" (which increases the level of the Skill Orb.) You can place these Level Shards into Orbs and/or equip Skill Orbs to a character at anytime while not in battle.(Only one Skill Orb can be equipped to a character.)

Each Skill Orb has it's own different growth of stats as well as a set of 4 attacks, that can be unlocked at different levels. (Think Pokemon learning movesets.) So far I have 12 Skill Orbs planned, although I might increase this number slightly. Also your character can do a normal attack that doesn't cost any Skill Points to use. (Equipping different weapons alters the attack.)

Anyway below is an extremely early battle system in progress showing of 3 Skill Orbs and their respected attacks.

(Music by me :3)

(Picture of it in case you can't view video)

So, that's the progress so far. It has a feel of a bunch of RPG's mixed together. (Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Pokemon to name a few.) Considering it's my first ever RPG game and I'm not an expert in the field, it's coming along pretty nicely!



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