First Ever Ludum Dare :3

2014-12-08 20:53:54 by SinclairStrange

I finally did one! I keep meaning to take part but I never got around to doing it, but not this time. 

So here it is, Hyper Wall:

It's a basic avoid the walls type of game, that was made under the theme of "entire game on one screen". It prolly got a few bugs here and there and after the jam I'll try and iron them out but hopefully it shouldn't be too bad.

With other news, I'm still working on I Want To Be Human. I'm talking to a handful of publishers to see if it's possible for the game to be published. 

You can watch some footage of the game 'ere if you want. 

If I can't get any publishers intrested then it'll be out for early access on Steam come Feburary, if I do, then it'll be out on consoles and steam around September time! :D

Also keep a look out for a Game Boy flash game that I'm uploaded pretty soon, :3
Hope everything is awesome! 



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2015-01-01 00:23:57

Are you developing this with clickteam fusion 2.5 (or mmf)?

SinclairStrange responds:

I used to, but no I don't anymore as it's very limiting to what you can do, and what you can port it too. Moving on to Unity for 3D stuff now and Game Maker Studio for 2D stuff. (Although I am using Unity for that as well.)