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Codename: RoomRaider

2012-03-08 13:34:33 by SinclairStrange

I thought I would upload a little sneak peek of my next flash game titled "Room Raider". I've taken on everyones criticisms about MagnetKid and I've tried to amend them with this game, for example the sprites are all x2 larger. It's a little tribute to classic arcade games like Super Smash TV, Megaman and general blast 'em ups.

It should be completed and ready to upload pretty soon! =). Anyway I hope you like the little teaser picture!

Codename: RoomRaider

Sneakie Peekie.

2012-01-31 07:56:07 by SinclairStrange

I'd thought I would show a little promo screenshot of my next game titled "MAGNETkid" or "MagnetKid"...whatever :3

It's about a little magnet robot in search for his arms. Should completed in a couple of weeks time =) Hope ye like the ickle picture :P

Sneakie Peekie.

My First Flash Game :3

2012-01-22 08:04:44 by SinclairStrange

I've finally done it! I've designed a flash game!
You can find it 'ere:

Hope ye likes :3


2011-04-18 16:52:14 by SinclairStrange

Hey hey, Sinclairian 'ere to spoil ye day.

Anyway just a quick news post just saying sthuffs.

I'm currently working on some flash animation at the moment and secondly I like to compose music when I have spare time. I'm more of a spriter/pixel artist than a digital flash artist and I like to doodle. Anyway if anyone reads this and needs some quick moosic composing for their flash animation/game/whatever then drop us a PM or somethings.

Chillaxing all the way with purple,