Ludum Dare!

2015-04-18 11:55:10 by SinclairStrange

So I've been mega busy lately with upcoming Steam releases! I really want to make some more flash games but sadly time isn't on my side at the moment!

ALTHOUGH. I've taken some time out to take part in Ludum Dare! 'Cause yanno, LDjams are awesome. I will be releasing the game on here too! :D

Anyway the theme is Unconventional Weapon, so I've come up with this idea:

That's right, the Super Bro Throwers! 

And 'ere them in action!
They even go splat!

So yeah, hopefully I can pull something silly off! :) Hope everyone else's jam is going well!



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2015-04-18 12:57:14

Interesting idea, (please don't be a puzzle game)
Best of luck in Ludum!