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Just a couple of stuff to show off. I had a slow week due to illness but I managed to finish at least one level, the Fire/Flame Raybot. 

So with that, here is a video of it's boss encounter!

(Please excuse the lack of soundeffects/custom music.)

So with a little catching up needed today, I've managed to (from stratch) finish half of the "Beam" Raybot level.


So as you can see, I'm going for a Top Man/Bomb Man/Pharaoh Man vibe with all the lovely gimmicks from Quick Man's stage. (Yes, that's right, you'll be facing Force Beams!)

So with that, that's another two stages down. Another two and a couple of "Castle levels" and the final polish and I'll be all done. HOPEFULLY all in time and for the 26th!

Til then, hope everyone's having a good day,


Raybit Development Diary #1

2014-04-03 21:06:19 by SinclairStrange

So I thought I'd just start posting a dev diary of my demake of Cathode Raybots. 

Anyway I've finished finished the first level. Hoo-ray! The Shield Raybot is completed and it works pretty well. With that I decided to upload just a short quick gameplay video of it in action. 

Please excuse the lack of sound effects. The music isn't final neither.

So, you're wondering why I'm a little behind, well sadly I encountered a huge bug which took such a long time to fix. (I was super close to giving up on the whole thing.) But I solidered on and managed to work around it. However that being said, it might run a little slower on older computers. (I have tested it on my extremely old laptop, and it seems to be fine on that, except a couple of frame dips.) Although I will be uploading a standalone playable version for people who want to play it offline and if their PC's are slow.

I think maybe making a Mega Man clone for flash might of been out of my depth.

I've now started work on the next level, which is the "Sword Raybot." And I've actually made half the level in one night. (Tonight actually.) With that, have a picture of one of the sections in the level.


The gimmick of the "Sword Raybot" level is springs, spikes and swords. It's a pretty easy level in Mega Man terms so when you play this game, this is a pretty good one to start off on. :)

Anyway with that, that's my first dev diary. I'll be posting these alot until the release on the 26th. :) Hope you like!


Nestalgia Binge

2014-03-25 20:39:28 by SinclairStrange

So I'm on a NES binge at the moment and I thought I'd share what's happening.

Firstly, 'eres a picture of one of the levels from Cathode Raybits.


(The stage for the "Shield TV".)

Now hopefully this game will be completed in time, I've got a lot of work on at the moment but *fingers crossed* I won't run into any problems.

And now for my second project: Jet Forced

So yeah, I thought I'd put together a little prototype teaser of my latest NES game. Now I'm going to be selling this game on those indie sites but don't worry, I'll be releasing a "Game Boy" port of the game on here sometime in the future.  So that's some news. Prolly the next big pile of news will be when the games released or when I finally finish Cathode Raybits for Pico Day. For now, hope all is cool ;)



New Plans

2014-03-12 20:26:33 by SinclairStrange

I'm not posting this to the front page as it's nothing really NG worthy. (I'm keeping my Cathode Raybits stuff under my sleeves at the moment...)

It's just a post telling that I've stopped development on Super Room Raider due to the fact that it was boring to make. And I gather, if somethings boring to make, it's going to be boring to play. (I might go back to it at a later date.) Instead,

I digged out an old project and blew the dust of that instead. I've gone back to designing my NES game, Gunblast (working title.)

(Music is placeholder. Can't beat a bit of Shatterhand moosic)

In the past three days I've finished off the first level to a near polished state. (Some stuff needs tweaking.) I'm going to be making this instead of Room Raider. And for the NG demo of it, well I'll be making a Game Boy De-make of it. :) So that's basically just some news. 



Updates: Super Room Raider + Cathode Raybits.

2014-02-23 19:48:24 by SinclairStrange

So just a update with regards of my flash projects. 


Firstly, I thought I would show off the progress with Cathode Raybits, (my first Pico Day submission.) So I've decided to show off the 8-bit re-created weapons that you can gain from beating the Raybots. I'm basing this flash game off the classic NES Mega Man series. It's not going to be an exact copy but roughly 75%. I'm going to be changing little things about it but I'll get into that at a later date. 

So without further ado, here's the weapons. (Sorry for the lack of sfx, I couldn't be bothered recording it, just imagine it containing Mega Man sfx.)

As you can tell, there's only going to be six stages, instead of the regular eight. This is due to just keeping the flash size down. Also for the Blue Bomber fans, you might noticed I've stolen the background from a stage ;P. (It's just a placeholder.) As you can see, I've taken most of the weapons that the Raybot's use. The only one I've not included is the teleportation one, as this just doesn't work for a Mega Man styled weapon, so instead you can unlock the flamethrower. Also,




So about the other flash game I'm currently working on, Super Room Raider, I've making good progress with this, I've changed the style to a more fitting NES style, which can see with the below pictures:



Hopefully the game should be finished in the next month, the full deluxe version will retail at $1.99 / £1.49 now due to new features. (Challenge mode being on of them ;P) So that's basically it. Hope you like the updates and everyone is well! 


Ickle Side Project.

2014-02-13 20:53:52 by SinclairStrange

Just want to post up a little picture of my a ickle side project. 

It's a re-make of Room Raider, but this time it's for flash and PC. I've sadly come to the conclusion I need some funds to help make the Steam Greenlight game, so this is just something I'm making to hopefully cover some costs. The flash version will be free, but I'm also making a "deluxe" version with triple the stuff that people can buy for 99¢/59p. (It'll prolly be up on Desura, those type of sites.)


Although right now I'm torn if instead I should just make something more simple. Like an arena based game, perhaps. Mmm. Anyway, enjoy thee picture.

Everything else is going great, me Pico Day submission is on track and progress on IWTBH is going well, despite some costs. Hope everyone is well and getting through this awful winter :P (Weather 'ere in the UK is just bloody awful.) -Joel

Raybits 'n' Greenlights

2014-02-06 10:04:56 by SinclairStrange

I thought I'd post a little status update. It's been an awful month, firstly family members snuffing it, video games breaking, PC's dying and illness. Dayum. So with hopefully the last of the bad luck I'm now back to making lovely video games and what better to show off but my Pico Day game, Cathode Raybits :)3727177_139169909433_raybits_by_sinclairstrange-d75boap.png

Even though I've got a ton of work to do, with my other project I'm still making this, 'cause it's damn awesome. It's got six-eight levels planned and it plays like if, MegaMan, Contra and Castlevania had a sex and shat out of baby. 

Now onto my other project, I've been GREENLIT!  I don't know how I did it, but I went away to attend a funeral, (I didn't have internet access), I come back two weeks later to find out that it's been Greenlit! I didn't really do any work, and just showed off my flash prototypes but damn, it means I've got to work on that now!

So 'cause of that, have an image of one of the bosses:3727177_139169909383_catpuppet_by_sinclairstrange-d75book.jpg

CATPUPPETS! <3 Anyway that's what be happening, that's my little wee update. Except a little demo of Raybits out sometime in March. I'm so looking forward to releasing that for Pico Day! 

Til den, byes byes :). -Joel


2014-01-01 08:17:47 by SinclairStrange

Way back last year I started work on a game called "I Want To Be Human." Now I'm attempting to re-start that game but instead of flash, make a fully fledge PC game. So, that's where SteamGreenlight comes in! I've currently got the game up on there, so if people want to play a game where you're a crazy robot, with a buzz-saw, slaying humans for their organs then could ye please yes vote? :P

You can find it 'ere:

Other than that, I bid everyone a happy new year! ^-^


Maybe I lied. (Accidentally of course.)

2013-12-29 22:00:54 by SinclairStrange

Sorry didn't mean too.

As it would turn out I'm on mainly "call" and with that, they don't call me enough. So that gives me ample time to carry on doing what I love, that is making viddy games. I'm currently working on three games, one being a full game for sale on sites like Desura. I'll let you know more closer to the time with that one but it's basically a NES shooter. 

The second game that's underworks, (but going slowly) is that de-make of Cathoray Raybots for PicoDay. But again more will be shown closer to the day of release but what I've got so far is pretty neat. (I hope!)

But finally, my next proper flash game I'm working on is a sequel to MagnetKid. It's going to have a real story this time, (which is in the final drafts of being finished.) Hoping to have voice acting too, but it's generally going to have a "dual" theme to go along with the idea of Magnets and it's polarity. I've got the engine pretty much finished with new tricks and traps included.  'Ere's a ickle picture of one of the test pictures I did to test out bloom and lighting effects. 

MK2 (Everything isn't final just to point out, it's still earlyish in development.)

You can also listen to a track for one of the levels:

So yeah, that's the projects. We'll see where we go from here. Pretty glad that I've got time to make games, I felt pretty sad when I didn't haha.


No More Games.

2013-11-29 13:27:24 by SinclairStrange

As the title suggests I've sadly had to stop making games for a while, maybe possibly for good but we'll see how that goes. I've had to go into the real world and find a real job now after graduating university last year. Full time jobs sadly zap away any time for creativity so with that I'll be most likely hanging up the hat for a while. I know hardly anyone plays my games so it's not a big lost but I just want to post this just in case some people report me missing as I've not uploaded/made a game for an age. Sadly there isn't any money to made in these little flash games unless you're mega popular, superduper talented or uber lucky and I'm neither of those.

So that's just the bit of news I've got, it's nothing much but that's basically what I've got to report. (I'll try and finish off that Cathode Raybots de-make and Sole Gunner Mini for next years "NG days" but I can't guarantee it.)


(And if anyone asks, I'm working at a store and studying for an apprenticeship in military design work (hopefully going through the process stages of that at the moment.)

No More Games.