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Are an enigma. *Spills some milk*

So basically this is a post that showing what I'm currently working on! I've got a few projects on the go now and some ideas for future games too!

The next game I'm going to be releasing here on Newgrounds is something called, Planet of Oddballs. The reason why is that I've had this game in the pipeline for about three years now and it's time I finished it.

Sorry about the not so good film quality, recording a big screen size and while playing a flash game doesn't work too well for the footage, although the game still ran smooth. (50fps, the reason it's not at 60 is that sometime lower end computers have a hard time to cope with that, so making 50 can eliminate some of that problem with some machines!)

So as you can see, it's a run and gun game, yes you can aim with the mouse and yes the jump button is mapped to the up key. (W or Up Arrow.)

So carrying on, I'm also working on another game for sale which is going to be a NES 8-bit styled shooter, 'cause that's what I do best apparently. (I joke :P) I've got some alpha footage here but so far that's coming along nicely too.

Also I'm working on a de-make of Cathode Raybots for Pico Day next year, I'll have more about that later down the line.

AND I'm currently working on an engine for a real-time, platform RPG engine with lots of classes. So that'll be interesting.

Anyway yeah again thanks for all the comments and messages! I'm really glad people are enjoying my games, that's like awesome!


I have to say a big thanks to all the peeps who enjoyed playing Alien Splatter! Pretty shocked to find out it got a Daily Feature considering there are many more greater submissions out there. >.< It's nice to find people are enjoying and re-living those good ol' days of Nintendo however and that makes me happy.

So anyway with that, I'm thinking of the possibility of perhaps making a "full" game to sell on sites like Desura or if I'm lucky, Steam Greenlight. Of course I wouldn't sell it for lots, 59p/$1 and I would of course still make free games to upload here as well. With flash you're limited to things that you want to do but with stand-alone exe. files you can go mental. So that's just a thought. My main worry would be that no one would buy it and it'd be a big waste of time but I guess sometimes you need to dive off head first.

Anyway with that, I was looking through old projects that I started and never got anywhere. I've got so many so I thought I would list them and see if people would be interested in playing them if I ever finished them. The games are:

1) A "Banjo-Kazooie/Super Mario 64" type game with collectables and three different characters.

2) A Mega Man styled game.

3) A real time RPG much like Secret of Mana.

4) Also yesterday I spent a day just re-creating a 8-bit styled SHMUP that actually works pretty well. So there's that one too.

So yeah that's basically the ramblings of me. Again thanks for the nice comments and criticisms. They be the reason why I still enjoy making these little games and uploading them to Newgrounds! :)

Thoughts and Thankyous :)

This is just for people who follow my news on here. I've finished the game however it doesn't overly feel "Halloweeny" so I've decided to release it next week when the spooks have died down.

The game is finished, it's all done, all in under a week. It's just not the time to release it, so instead here is a nice teaser video of the first three stages. (There are 5 stages overall.)

Hope you like the video, 'cause then you'll like the game :P. (Well hopefully.)

Happy Halloween. (Teaser Trailer)

Suprise NES shot

2013-10-26 23:44:49 by SinclairStrange

Okidokies, well it's been a while and I've been pretty much silent. I've have various reasons for this but it's mainly down to that I'm getting a little burned out making video games so I changed my intentions into making an animation. (Which I'm still working on.) After all, I am a qualified "animator".

I'm still working on Mini-Gunner for a December release date and that's coming along rather well however I'm here posting to show off an image of what hopefully will be my Halloween game, Alien Splatter.

Now I'm 50% finished with the game, I've been working on it for the past two days and it's pretty cool. Basically, if you crossed Castlevania, Mega-Man, Contra and general NES feels you've got this game. It's just run-n-gun action. (Although I've not included 8-way shooting for several reasons, a) I'm saving it for Mini-Gunner, b) I wanted it feel more NES-like with limitations and c) I wanted to make it similar to Mega Man, game play wise. )

So here is a little picture of the game, hopefully it'll be released on Halloween! Stay tuned.

(Also, check out my let's play of Resident Evil: Dead Aim that I've also been doing for Halloween: )

Suprise NES shot

New Game & Projects (Also Thanks!)

2013-08-13 17:44:48 by SinclairStrange

So first off, let me say a HUGE thanks for people who enjoyed my demo of Sole Gunner Mini! I'm shocked I won first place so huge thanks to everyone who played and enjoyed it! I'm going to be hopefully releasing the full game on the 5th of December.

Secondly, I have a new game out, you should go and check it over at Rocketjump.
That's right, little old me made a little ickle video game about VGHS for the team at Rocketjump. If you've not seen the series, you should check it out 'cause it's awesome! The game will be coming to Newgrounds sometime soon, with updates, medals and scoreboards!

Finally, I'm working on a new project, (other than Sole Gunner Mini,) called Planet of Oddballs. It's going to be an extremely huge game including loads of levels, cutscenes and voice acting. I've been on and off this game for the past five years, but I'm finally going to finish the damn thing off for good. You view a video ' 'ere:

So thanks for all the great feedback, responses and for playing me ickle games!
-Joel ❤

New Game & Projects (Also Thanks!)

Gameboys and Guns

2013-07-02 10:23:25 by SinclairStrange

I had this started a month back but due to an awesome project I got asked to do it had to be put on hold. (It's still mainly on hold until I finish my super secret project.)

But anyway, I thought I would show off as I've taken a wee day off and decided to carry on doing little bits to it. I'm making a "de-make" of my flash game Sole Gunner. I'm designing it so it looks and feels like you're playing it on a Gameboy. With this I've also added eight way firing and with the sprite restrictions, it's going to be a lot less chaotic and most likely easier.

Now originally I had this planned for Robot Day but I doubt it'll be released then, although I might upload a demo on that day of one of the stages. (Or a little bit of a stage.)

So yeah, it's time to dabble in making something that looks like it's from a Gameboy, 'cause I've done the MegaDrive/SNES and the NES.

Hope ye likeths,

Gameboys and Guns

Just would like to say thanks for the comments and feedback for Ninja Virus! I'm glad quite a few people liked my little retro throw back. Hope you had as much fun playing it as I did making it!

Anyway yeah, I've got a few game and animation projects on the go at the moment. Last month I had nothing really to do, and now it's like BOOM tons of stuff. It's still not going to stop me making games for Newgrounds, so I thought I would share my latest NG project: Planet of Oddballs.

It's basically just a platformer/shooter game in the style of my favourite games of all time. It's a mix between Ratchet&Clank, Timesplitters, Sonic and Conkers Bad Fur Day. The game revolves around a guy and a floating head trying to reclaim his body from an evil corporation.

It's going to include six levels, seven weapons, voice acting and huge battles. The game I've got planned is so big I'm most likely going to split the game into episodes so I can fit everything in. A picture below shows off one of the planned levels, Thundrip.

So again thanks for enjoying the games I make, hopefully you'll love this one! =)

New Game Project and Thanks :)

New Game: Ninja Virus

2013-05-03 09:30:37 by SinclairStrange

The first game of the year and what better than some retro 8-Bit NES total ninja action?

I've tried to make the game look and play as close to an 8-Bit NES game as I could and because of this there isn't any save feature. Instead there is a password system, which works just as well. I've included lives as well as unlimited continues. That way you can't just keep killing yourself to rack up a score. (Oh did I say, I've included a scoreboard too.) The scoreboard works just like that of a NES game, it'll only save your score if you "game over" or complete the game. I've also included the option of changing the keys to WASD through the options menu.

Now it's a challenging game, just like those games back in the day although it's no where near as hard as my other games are. So 'ere it is:

Hope you like the nostalgic value of the game and have a blast playing it :).

New Game: Ninja Virus

NES Ninja (Playable Prototype)

2013-04-01 06:03:05 by SinclairStrange

Long time no post but I'm currently on holiday in California! Woo. (For about a month.)
Anyway 'cause of this I've left my IWTBH project back over at England, which means this gives me a perfect excuse to create something totally new. And what better than 8-Bit styled Ninja platforming fun.

I've got a playable "prototype" for people to test out if they want. It's currently not totally finished, for example I still need to add in continue/lives system, different control schemes and music. I'm also going to be adding medals AND a scoreboard!

(So I can work on the final product!)

Arrows = Move
A = Attack
S = Jump
Space = Deselect current weapon

To wall jump, while next to a wall and in the air, press the JUMP key (S key) to grab onto the wall. And then jump again to jump off.

For people who don't want to play the prototype a video can be watched here:

(Excuse the Ninja Gaiden music, I've still not got around to composing music yet.)

Anyway yeah, it's a little side project that I'm having lots of fun with. The game follows NES limitations, (although without the flicker.) Hope you like what's there so far and any suggestions are welcomed. (AND NO, I'M NOT ADDING IN MOUSE CONTROLS.)

I'll update soon with more juicy stuff. =)

NES Ninja (Playable Prototype)

It's been such a hectic two weeks since my last update but I thought I would share some stuff on what's been happening with me game development lately.

I'm still working on "I Want To Be Human" which is taking more time than I planned due to some factors.

One being, the comic-styled cut-scenes are taking some time to be drawn. (Along with some stages, bosses and backgrounds ect.) However I do have some footage, of the first three areas from the first chapter:

Secondly I've started making "sponsorship games" which are small, simple games that I'm selling to sponsors through some sites. This is because I really need to start making an income and this is one way to go about it. I've already made a few sales in this month, which is nice. I'm not planning on uploading most of my "sponsorship" games here as I would like the keep this page/userthingie separate.

Thirdly I'm working on another "project" as well as "IWTBH". This is just purely 'cause I've been really wanting to make something like this for a while and I felt like now was a good time. (It's nice to have two main projects going, so you can switch between the two when you get a little bored of the other one.)

It's a little Zelda-ish clone, that's looks like something from the GBC's era. It's custom sprited by me, although it reeks of Zelda. ('Cause I want it too...) It's not going to play totally like Zelda and it'll be a little different. (I'm thinking guns perhaps and dungeons being different alien planets.)

Picture below is what I've created so far.

Anyway hope people are well, and I hope to be releasing something soon! ^-^

GBC + Zelda + Guts = Progress