Raybit Development Diary #Final

2014-04-22 11:06:48 by SinclairStrange

The final handful of days and I've still got one more level to make! (The final one.) I was going to have two of them but due to time not being on my side, it's just going to be a extra long one.

Seriously, if I get this finished on time, I'm going to give myself a medal. I've taken on WAY to much for such short time. (I've been making this non stop for the past three weeks and had to stop my actual work! Been fun though!)

I've still got to finish designing/creating the final level and boss. Make the music. Fit all the levels together and a save feature. Also, need to make menus and perhaps cutscenes if I have time!


But, here's some art for the final level:

(Imagine it flashing from darking orange to black. Stars can be so boring being alone.)

So yeah, wish me luck! Hopefully everything can be pulled off and it'll be alright on the night!

Till then, hope all is well! :)



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2014-04-22 15:35:14

Looking good!


2014-04-26 11:17:29

Sounds like you need to assemble a team man.