Eep. It's been a while. Sorry!

2014-09-06 20:14:49 by SinclairStrange

Ah, I'm super sorry I've not been active on this site! It's the problem of having a job and then having game releases/deadlines left-right and center! I promise though by the end of the year I WILL have a new flash game for the super awesome Newground peeps!

But for now, I thought I'll show off why I've been hiding for so long. Firstly I've been working on my Steam game, I Want To Be Human. I've got a video to show off if anyone is interested: 

It's hoping to be released around Halloween time this year! It's prolly going to be a early release but hopefully I might find the time to finish it off completely! Also another reason why I've been so busy is that I've been going around game expos showing off all my little viddy games I make. (Like this one, and all my Newground games!)


Also, I've got an actually game on Steam, called Jet Gunner which you can find here:

(Trailer is also 'ere:)

It's just a small little NES homage that I made in a couple of months and it managed to get Greenlit! Which is pretty awesome :D, although I can't wait for my big guns (IWTBH) to be released for Halloween though as that's where I've put in all my heart and soul in. Anyway, once everything has died down, I promise I'll release a kick ass game for Newgrounds! It's been too long, hope everyone is well and all their projects are going awesome. Anything happened since March when I sort of went into hiding?




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2014-09-27 11:20:29

Played Jet Gunner (when it was known under another name), and adored it. Rage Quit a couple times as well, but it's the nature of the beast. :D

And I Want To Be Human looks and SOUNDS amazing! Am very hopeful the production is treating you right, because this looks like something special. :o

SinclairStrange responds:

Yeah, Jet Gunner was just something I quickly whipped up (originally for flash but it somehow ended up on Steam.) Hence it's not fantastic quality (plus getting controller support is being such an issue sadly.)

But I'm pouring a lot of blood sweat and tears into IWTBH, production keeps changing direction but I'm on the right path now for a Valentines Day release :D. (Hopefully lol) I'm glad ye liking where things are going! :D