Guts 'n' Guns

2013-02-05 17:17:25 by SinclairStrange

For the past couple of days I've been turning around my latest flash game into something more...umm violent? Now I would of had the previous version of the game complete by now but I really fancied doing something different for my first flash game of this year.

So I added exploding heads and body parts. Hand drawn the whole game on paper and scanned it all in and made it extremely more violent.

And now be a video showing off the five weapons you can use through this game.

As you can see, it's a little bit violent.

Now as gameplay, you'll be presented with different missions through three different stages. For example one mission might be killing a certain amount of people in a set time, killing all the people with a set gun and ammo, complete a level without getting hit or collecting a certain weight of organs. The controls should be more friendly as it's played with either the arrows or wsad and "up" for jump. You aim with the mouse. So that should please some people. (And if you get delay, get a better computer.)

So yeah, it's coming along nicely and should be out in a couple of weeks time.

And with the other version of this game (which is like 60% complete) someone is more than welcomed to say, sponsor it and I'll change it around into a new game. Idk, just spitballing :P

Hope ye likes the bloodshed!

(Below is some old concept artwork for the old version of the game)

Guts 'n' Guns


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2013-02-06 08:16:19

Looks awesome! If you have a beta going I'd be happy to check it out!

SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! Trying to achieve the awesome look with this one.

I've not a playable beta now, it's still in very early stages of development sadly. (Spent the past two days reworking the old engine around into this one.) When I've got a playable build on the go, I'll be sure to drop a message for beta testing =).


2013-02-06 13:42:01

I like to kill my enemies Turok style.

SinclairStrange responds:

Indeed. Best weapon in that game imo.