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Ickle Side Project.

2/13/14 by SinclairStrange

Just want to post up a little picture of my a ickle side project. 

It's a re-make of Room Raider, but this time it's for flash and PC. I've sadly come to the conclusion I need some funds to help make the Steam Greenlight game, so this is just something I'm making to hopefully cover some costs. The flash version will be free, but I'm also making a "deluxe" version with triple the stuff that people can buy for 99¢/59p. (It'll prolly be up on Desura, those type of sites.)


Although right now I'm torn if instead I should just make something more simple. Like an arena based game, perhaps. Mmm. Anyway, enjoy thee picture.

Everything else is going great, me Pico Day submission is on track and progress on IWTBH is going well, despite some costs. Hope everyone is well and getting through this awful winter :P (Weather 'ere in the UK is just bloody awful.) -Joel


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Looking awesome as always, are those purple circles using an additive lighting effect? Cools cool. I'll have to buy the deluxe version! More reasons to make me want to let people sell stuff like that direct through NG. :P

2/15/14 SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks :). Yesh, indeed they are, so are the explosions along with the lava. Gives it some sort of SNES vibe, I hope. Thanks, although I don't mind chucking a free copy over :3. If you ever decided to sell direct through NG, then I'll be sure to create some truly awesome for NG, something with loads of guns and explosions and hamsters.



Looks tight!

2/15/14 SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks, hopefully it'll play tight too :)