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Gameboys and Guns

7/2/13 by SinclairStrange

I had this started a month back but due to an awesome project I got asked to do it had to be put on hold. (It's still mainly on hold until I finish my super secret project.)

But anyway, I thought I would show off as I've taken a wee day off and decided to carry on doing little bits to it. I'm making a "de-make" of my flash game Sole Gunner. I'm designing it so it looks and feels like you're playing it on a Gameboy. With this I've also added eight way firing and with the sprite restrictions, it's going to be a lot less chaotic and most likely easier.

Now originally I had this planned for Robot Day but I doubt it'll be released then, although I might upload a demo on that day of one of the stages. (Or a little bit of a stage.)

So yeah, it's time to dabble in making something that looks like it's from a Gameboy, 'cause I've done the MegaDrive/SNES and the NES.

Hope ye likeths,

Gameboys and Guns


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It was a fairly good demo! Jumping, however, glitched out for me twice, not sure if you can fix that, but otherwise it was fun.

Demo rocked!
Can't wait until full release!!! You do some tremendously accurate retro games, Sin

7/19/13 SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! Shouldn't be long now. Retro games are always great fun to code :).
Your music rocks! Love it! Good stuff to listen too when making these games haha.



Hello! In case you are wondering about the sudden interest in Room Raider last week, check my profile. Keep up the great work, your games are fantastic. =)

7/13/13 SinclairStrange responds:

Aye, Stantom told me! I'm honoured that you decided to use one of me games!
I'm really glad you find my games good! ^-^


7/3/13 SinclairStrange responds:

INDEED! I might have to make a video game of them next year for April fools!



Everything you make is AWESOME :D

7/3/13 SinclairStrange responds:

>.< Nah sometimes I really make poopy stuff. I have this huge folder full of scrapped games and demos. :)

But thankies, I aim to please!



Well, another game that I will fall in love with :o

7/2/13 SinclairStrange responds:

>.< Let's hope I can make it extra awesome then! :)