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GBC + Zelda + Guts = Progress

2/22/13 by SinclairStrange

It's been such a hectic two weeks since my last update but I thought I would share some stuff on what's been happening with me game development lately.

I'm still working on "I Want To Be Human" which is taking more time than I planned due to some factors.

One being, the comic-styled cut-scenes are taking some time to be drawn. (Along with some stages, bosses and backgrounds ect.) However I do have some footage, of the first three areas from the first chapter:

Secondly I've started making "sponsorship games" which are small, simple games that I'm selling to sponsors through some sites. This is because I really need to start making an income and this is one way to go about it. I've already made a few sales in this month, which is nice. I'm not planning on uploading most of my "sponsorship" games here as I would like the keep this page/userthingie separate.

Thirdly I'm working on another "project" as well as "IWTBH". This is just purely 'cause I've been really wanting to make something like this for a while and I felt like now was a good time. (It's nice to have two main projects going, so you can switch between the two when you get a little bored of the other one.)

It's a little Zelda-ish clone, that's looks like something from the GBC's era. It's custom sprited by me, although it reeks of Zelda. ('Cause I want it too...) It's not going to play totally like Zelda and it'll be a little different. (I'm thinking guns perhaps and dungeons being different alien planets.)

Picture below is what I've created so far.

Anyway hope people are well, and I hope to be releasing something soon! ^-^

GBC + Zelda + Guts = Progress


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Zelda game looks just like Link's Awakening which is one of my favorite games. Can't wait to see the finished game :D

2/24/13 SinclairStrange responds:

That was the aim, (well more the Oracle series, but they're practically the same game.)
All I can say, it's like a top down hack-n-slash where you're weapons level up instead of you. =)



"I had a girlfriend..."

2/24/13 SinclairStrange responds:

"I've got a girlfriend..." :P