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Apologies and Organs.

1/21/13 by SinclairStrange

'Ello there.

Firstly just want to say a ickle sorry for not being active after releasing Sole Gunner, I was sadly taken ill and spent some time back and forth at the hospital and doctors which means I couldn't do the stuff I had planned for my Kickstarter and Newgrounds. I was going to release a tech demo of what the new engine would of been, an extra level for Sole Gunner as well as fixing up all the bugs and adding in 8 directional firing.

But as things went, I was too ill (and then Christmas came and smacked me in the face too.) I sadly couldn't start and finish off what I had planned. So a big sworries to peeps there. I'm glad some people liked the game, despite some of it's flaws. I'm taking them into consideration for my next games to come.

With that, I'm 'ere also to show off my next game, "I Want To Be Human,".

It's just a basic platformer really but with power-ups that you use the mouse to control. I'm just making simple games at the moment as I recover, I'm also trying to put my art-style into my games, (the game is based off one of my doodles down below.)

I also just want to make a game where you go around collecting organs, especially spleens.

I'm also going to make the game more easier to access to casual gamers, so the game is going to be a lot more easier than I tend to make. (I've even included a health bar!) I'll most likely be releasing it with-in a couple of weeks, so keep a look out if you're interested.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy new year!


Apologies and Organs.


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Hope you're fully recovered now (/or soon). I'm really excited to see your new game, you're definitely one of the most talented "hobby" devs out there! Keep 'em coming :)



I hope you are feeling better now.
Your games are unique. I really enjoy playing them.
That Sole Gunner game was AMAZING. You should make a sequel or something o,o
Anyway, can't wait for this one :3

1/23/13 SinclairStrange responds:

I'm most likely going to do a sequel to that game yes =). Prolly towards the end of the year when I've got more time and energy! Thanks, hope you'll enjoy playing it when it's released!



As always I'm looking forward to playing it! Hope everything is going well healthwise in in the new year!

1/23/13 SinclairStrange responds:

Likewise, I'm looking forward to playing Battleblock Theater when it's out! =) *Fingers crossed* as well for the health part of things too, I sort of missed design games haha.



Interesting artwork.

1/23/13 SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks =)