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Sole Gunner: Finished! (Download link too)

12/5/12 by SinclairStrange

Yay, finally the game is finished! It took a bit longer than I thought but it's done! Yay!

For anyone who was wanting a download to the offline standalone exe version for slow computers, you should go here:
Sole Gunner Download

I'm trying to raise funds for a fully filled standalone game through Kickstarter, so if people would like to see this game expanded on and made ten times better, then please show your support here:
Kickstarter Campaign

Other than that, I hope people like the game!

Sole Gunner: Finished! (Download link too)


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Just completed the game. Not going to waste my review on the game until I'm fully ready to write it, but WOW. If you were able to understand how to make a Treasure game, I have no idea why the people at Konami that actually worked with the Treasure team have been so bad at emulating it! You have some serious talent, here.

12/7/12 SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! It's was just a little tribute project to my favourite developer. Of course there is stuff missing, or stuff I could do better but it's only a flash game after all :P.

I'm glad you liked the game! ^-^



Runs great on my laptop! One bug I just experienced, in section 1-2 while riding that moving platform where you have to shoot out the wall, I fell in the water, sprung up in the air and got stuck in the left side of the wall near the top of the screen.

Front paging!

12/7/12 SinclairStrange responds:

I'll look into that bug there. It's the problem with making too complex games sadly, there is always somethings you miss out. Cheers for the front page! ^-^